Alfie Huggins
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Gender male
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Age 15
Role Junior steward
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Status dead
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Alphonse "Alfie" Huggins was one of the main protagonists of the trilogy Titanic as a junior steward on the Titanic. He, along with the rest of his family, are deceased.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Insert details here ==History== Alfie is 15 yrs old. Dad works as a coal stoked. Lies his age to be a Steward.

Early LifeEdit


Titanic 1: Unsinkable Edit

The trilogy starts.

Titanic 2: Collision CourseEdit

Titanic 3: SOSEdit

Alfie says goodbye to his father who is a stoker in the engine rooms and later ends up on a floating pantry (eventually with sophie bronson), but dies later as he tries to climb a ladder up to the Carpathia's deck. He falls as he is climbing up. Paddy Burns brings him back up to the surface. Alfie survives the fall itself, but dies shortly after.