Plot summary

Book 1: The ContestEdit

In book one, The Contest, we are joined with three friends, Lauren, Abel, and Lucy. The three talk about joining in the contest to see who can get to the top of Mt. Everest first. It's a contest being held by a man named 'Doc'. The three head to the contest area, where they are greeted by a boy named Micha, and his sister May. Micha tells them he's been climbing his entire life, making Abel instantly envious, as he isn't the best climber.

In the next few chapters, they start training to climb, meeting trainers Billie and Andrew. Lauren is quickly a favorite, and her and Micha begin to get closer, making Lucy now jealous. After 2 months, they finally begin to climb. Lauren teams up with Micha and May, leaving Abel and Lucy behind.

A dead body is find after a month of climbing, and May is missing. Fearing the worst, Micha sets out

Book 2: The ClimbEdit

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Book 3: The SummitEdit

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