Julianna Glamm
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Juliana "Julie" Glamm is one of the main protagonists of the trilogy Titanic as the daughter of the deceased seventeenth Earl of Glamford and the former countess. She becomes friends with Sophie, Paddy, and Alfie during the voyage.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Early LifeEdit

Titanic 1: UnsinkableEdit

Julianna comes to the Titanic and makes new friends, Sophie, Alfie and Paddy! (Julianna does not like Paddy at first due to his being a stowaway)

Titanic 2: Collision CourseEdit

Julianna uncovers that her father is selling her to a man who owns an oil company to marry one of his sons. She also accidentally reveals where Paddy, a stowaway is hiding to Second Officer Lightoller.

Titanic 3: SOSEdit

Julianna is unable to convince her father to get off the ship, but manages to get a lifeboat for herself. She takes a two-year old who was separated from her family and names her Ruth Alice Glamm. She survives the sinking, and goes to England to her home.