Sophie Bronson
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Vital statistics
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Gender Female
Race American
Age Fourteen
Role One of the four main protagonists.
Appearances Dark brown hair, slender.
Status Living
Location America

Sophie Bronson is one of the main protagonists of the Titanic trilogy as the daughter of the famous suffragist Amelia Bronson.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sophie is very optimistic and always sees the best in everyone.


Early LifeEdit

Sophie Bronson is daughter of the famous American suffragist Amelia Bronson and Maxwell Bronson. She is fourteen years old when she first arrives on the Titanic.

Titanic 1: UnsinkableEdit

Sophie is first seen at a suffrage rally near Piccadilly circus. The police arrest the both of them and deport them on the Titanic. There, Sophie meets Juliana Glamm, Alphonse Huggins, and Patrick Burns.

Titanic 2: Collision CourseEdit

Sophie wants to meet Mr. Masterson, a nasty cripple whom Alfie(Alphonse) suspects of being the notorious murderer, Jack the Ripper due to a scrapbook he found loose in the baggage hold. After very nearly being killed by said man because she agreed to meet him late at night on the forecastle deck, the Titanic hits the iceberg.

Titanic 3: SOSEdit

Sophie struggles for a spot on a lifeboat, but instead of getting herself a spot, she gets her mother a spot instead by pushing her in the lifeboat in place of her in order to keep her mother from staying on the boat to support her suffragist movement. She ends up on a floating pantry with Alfie, whom she diagnoses with hypothermia and gets safely to the Carpathia. The ship takes her and her mother back to America.